Rules and Regulations for Exhibitors

The height limitation for booth construction of special design is 12 feet and the height limitation of exhibits is 3 mt (Please contact the organizers if the exhibit’ height is more than 12 feet)
All materials used in booth construction and decoration must be properly fireproofed in accordance with general regulations on fire safety.
Exhibitors who take “Bare space” adjacent to another booth must provide their own wall panel. They are not permitted to use the reverse of the neighbour’s wall.
If exhibitors use their own fabricator, it is requested to ensure that contractors submit detailed plans of their booth construction to the organiser for approval so as to prevent any costly alteration on site.Permission for welding in advance & time for welding.
2 copies of finalised exhibition floor layout, with the contractors’ details ,are to be submitted for approval 30 days before the exhibition. The organisers reserve the right to request the exhibitors to alter their booth design if their booth structure causes obstruction to other exhibitors.
Electrical Supply Requirements: For extra electrical supply you should give us the details in writing well in advance till 15th December 2019.
Exhibitors are strongly advised to insure their exhibits and other valuable items placed at the Exhibition Venue.
The Venue Management, Organisers and Sponsors will not be liable to any damage / injury / fire / claims / loss / theft of exhibits & personal properties, public liability (third party) insurance and accidents liability , its the responsibility of exhibitors’ to cover all with their own insurance.
Booths and other facilities rented from the official Contractor by the Exhibitors should be returned in good condition. Exhibitors will be held responsible for any damages incurred during the period of use
All exhibitors shall insure, indemnify and hold the organisers, Sponsors and the Venue Owner harmless in respect of all costs claimed by the exhibitor against any persons or items at the exhibition venue during the move-in, exhibition, and move-out periods.
Ensure that the Exhibits are operated under strictly controlled and safe conditions
Ensure that the exhibits are equipped with safety devices.
Adequately safeguard all moving parts of your machinery against injury to visitors. Exhibitors are advised to ensure that moving exhibits are kept out of the reach of visitors.
Exhibitors are liable for the removal and disposal of waste materials generated by working demonstration of exhibits
Cause no annoyance to visitors or other exhibitors. Acceptable noise level will be at the Organisers’ discretion. In the case of complaints raised which the Organisers find justifiable, the Organisers reserve the right to impose limitation of the operation of noisy machinery/exhibits.
During the set-up and dismantling stage of the booked period, the Exhibitors are not allowed to make connection to the power network in floor ports and in walls themselves.
During the set-up ,use of cutting /drilling machines ,welding, wood / plaster polishing and any other dust inducing works are not allowed inside the hall.
Fire hydrants / fire exit should remain uncovered and accessible during the show.
No Exhibitor is allowed to install halogen or extra lights or power sockets without permission of the organiser as it may result into short circuit.
The exhibitor shall not attach any elements of stand decorations, advertisements, flags etc. To the pavilion construction (ceiling, walls, railings, columns, etc.) without permission.
Exhibitors cannot dispose off waste materials hazardous to health and the environment (including oils, emulsions, acids, fats, varnishes, etc.) together with other waste or via the drains.
Use of Single-use-plastic is strictly prohibited at the Exhibition site.
Smoking is strictly prohibited inside the exhibition area.
The use of industrial gas of a flammable or toxic nature for demonstration purposes is strictly prohibited at the exhibition site.
Explosives & Dangerous Materials: Explosives, Detonating, Fumigating, Or Inflammable materials and all dangerous, harmful, objectionable or obnoxious substances are strictly prohibited.
Alcohol consumption is strictly prohibited at the Exhibition site.
Use of tobacco products and spitting betel juices strictly prohibited at the Exhibition site.
Keep your identification card readily available to be shown as and when required

Note : The organisers reserve the right to change, alter or cancel the information and services offered in case of unforeseen circumstances. In that case decision of organising committee will be final and will be binding on all and it will be superseding previous clauses of agreement between Exhibitors and Organisers.