Observing the significant development and foreseeing future trends, some leading professional engineers got together to consider the formation of an association for research and development work to seek new avenues, develop new processes and materials to bring about a qualitative improvement in construction technology.

Their efforts ushered in the Pune Construction Engineering Research Foundation (PCERF), a unique non-profit organization. It was incorporated on August 24th, 1983.

PCERF is an NGO established with the initiative of prominent construction professionals from Pune. It's membership includes representatives from various construction related fields. It has been known for its industrial activities & social responsibilities. Constro Exhibitions since 1985 is a perfect example to complement this.

PCERF - Activity Profile

♦ Safety, awareness seminars and PCERF    Safety awards
♦ Topical Publications
♦ Research Projects
♦ Construction Exhibitions
♦ Conferences and Seminars
♦ Awareness Workshops
♦ Social Awareness
♦ Information Presentations
♦ Projects for Students
♦ Refresher Courses
♦ Vidyarthi Awards
♦ Certification Programmes

Executive Committee of PCERF

♦ Shrikant Nivasarkar - President
♦ Vishwas Lokare - Vice President
♦ Naren Kothari - Vice President
♦ Sanjay Vaichal - Hon. Secretary
♦ Jaideep Raje - Hon. Treasurer
♦ Neelkanth Joshi - Member
♦ Sharad Bavadekar - Member
♦ Ramesh Dhoot - Member
♦ Ashok Beharay - Member
♦ Raghuraj Nagarkar - Member
♦ Mrinalini Sane - Member
♦ Ranjit Naiknavar - Member

Past Constro Chairmen

♦ Ramkumar Rathi
♦ Late Kishan Baney
♦ Late Narayanrao Kanetkar
♦ Vishwakumar Badawe
♦ Ramesh Dhoot
♦ Vaman Kulkarni
♦ Raghuraj Nagarkar
♦ Jaiprakash Shroff
♦ Naren Kothari
♦ Sharad Bavadekar
♦ Neelkanth Joshi