Privacy Policy

Stall Allotment : First Come First Served Basis
No Sub - Letting : The exhibitors are not allowed to assign, sub – let or grant licenses in respect of the whole or any part of the space/ stall.
Counter Sales : Counter sales are not permitted at the Expo. However, exhibitors can dispose of their exhibits / equipment after the fair is over. In the case of the sale, the payment of Govt. Taxes as possible to the concerned authorities will be the direct responsibility of exhibitors.
Organizer’s Rights :
  • Possession of the exhibitor’s space will be given only after full payment by 14th Jan 2020.
  • To reject any application for space without assigning reasons.
  • To amend the terms and conditions of participation and issue additional rules and regulations for the exhibitors from time to time that shall to binding on the exhibitors.
  • To recover from the exhibitors, compensation for losses/ damages caused to the property or reasonable penalty for any willful contravention of the terms for participation.
  • To postpone, curtail, extend or abandon the expo or close some or all sections of it temporarily or permanently, if unforeseen circumstances arise. In such circumstance, Exhibitors shall not be entitled to withdraw from the contract or claim any compensation or damage thereof.
  • The photograph or film the interior of any stall and to use the same for promotional work.
  • To refuse permission to any Exhibitors to clear his stall if he has not paid all dues to the organizer or to retain the exhibitors or to retain the exhibitors or other goods as collaterals security till dues are paid.
  • Insurance : Organizer shall not be responsible for any loss what so ever incurred by exhibitors and they should obtain comprehensive insurance coverage for their exhibits against all risk for the periods covering transportation, preparation, installation Expo duration, dismantling, return and transit.
  • Supervised Custom Clearance for Overseas Exhibitors : Exhibits of approved overseas. Exhibitors can be temporarily cleared through Indian customs without payment of custom duty against any of three instruments (i) ATA Carnet or (ii) Embassy Guarantee or (iii) Bank Guarantee. The clearance will be subject to re-export within a period of six months from the date of import. The official Handling and Clearance agencies of the Organizer are well versed with the procedure and can help the exhibitors in obtaining the clearance. The Agencies via their international network will contact the exhibitors and plan the dispatches and advise about the customs requirement and shipment. The agency can also provide storage facilities for exhibitors arriving prior to the opening of the show and similarly after the show and these facilities are available to those exhibitors who wish to hold their goods till they are able to close the sales with the prospective buyers, with approval of the customs authorities. Please note that facilities for duty free temporary import of exhibits are available to those foreign participants who are registered by remitting participation charges in Indian currency. Detailed advice on arrival, deadlines, documentation, requirements, packing instructions and other relevant information will be furnished to exhibitors by the Handling and Clearance Agencies.
  • Additional Charges : All entitlements for exhibitors availing shell stand facilities have been defined. Any additional items will be charged for in advance. Exhibitors availing bare space will only be given a chalk marked area and all electrical points, furniture, etc. availed will be charged for separately.
  • Stand Design and Construction : All exhibits and display material must be contained within the allocated exhibits space by the exhibitors. Special structure must not interfere with overall Expo format or the visibility of other stands. The design of such structures of displays must be submitted for the approval of the organizer at least 30 days prior to the start of the fair. The organizer reserves the right to specify changes in the design and such changes shall be carried out by the exhibitor. Such changes requested by the organizer if not be carried out, the requisite work shall be completed at the risk and expenses of the exhibitors.
  • Stand Completion : All stand construction work should be completed by 7:00 p.m. on 14th Jan 2020. Exhibitors are not permitted to store their exhibits materials and empty carton in non- allotted areas. No work will be allowed on site formed 7:00pm, 14th Jan 2020 onwards.
  • Stall Activities : The exhibitors should ensure that all demonstrations, interviews, advertising, promotion and other sales/ marketing activities are conducted within the stall. Audio visuals displays may be conducted with the stall at a low volumes such that no disturbances is caused.
  • Material Handling : Exhibitors may avail the services of the material handling agency authorized by the organizer. No other agency will be allowed to operate at the venue.
  • Vacating of Space : the exhibitors shall ensure that the stall is vacated immediately after the exhibition is closed up to 10.00 p.m. on 19th Jan 2020 or between 9.00 a.m. to 6.00 p.m. on 20th Jan 2020. If the exhibitor fails to do so, a fine of Rs. 5000/- per day would be levied as delay charges.
  • Sub - Contract : The exhibitors shall not assign and / or part with any of this contract to any other party without prior approval from the organizer.
Non Allocation, Cancellation, Non Participation :
  • If the organizer cannot allot a stall, money paid by the prospective Exhibitor for stall booking will be refunded.
  • If any exhibitor cancels the participations by 31th July 2019, 25% of the total participation charges will be adjusted and balance 75% amount will be refunded to the exhibitors.
  • If the exhibitor cancels the participation during 1st August 2019 to 31th October 2019, 50% of total participation charges will be adjusted and balance 50% amount will be refunded to the exhibitor.
  • If any exhibitor withdraws or cancels participations after 31th October 2019, 100% of amount paid will be for feited.
  • If any exhibitor fail to turn up for the stall by 8.00 a.m. on 15th January 2020 or cancels his participations at the last moment, Organizer shall utilize the stall in any manner they deem fit, forfeited all the money paid by the exhibitors.
Force Majore : Under the condition of the force majure which also include strike, lockout, closer, riots, the organizer reserve the right to alter the opening dates and durations or even cancels the entire exhibition. In case of changes in the dates and duration of fair the contractual obligations between the organizer and the exhibitors remain unaffected. In case of cancellation of the exhibition, the stall rent will be refunded to the exhibitors after deducting the proportionate costs already incurred by the organizer.
Security : Although a 24 hour security will be in operation throughout the expo period, exhibitors should take all possible precautions to safe guard their products/ exhibits.Exhibitors are warned not to keep or store any hazardous materials in the stall/ space occupied by them.
Jurisdiction : Any dispute between the organizer and exhibitors is subject to jurisdiction of the courts of Pune only. In case of unpaid charges, the organizer shall exercise the right of lien over the property of the exhibitors till he clears his dudes.
Change in Venue : Organizer have right to do the change in the venue due to some unavoidable circumstances.