Safety Awards

    `Construction Safety’ is a key factor occupying the minds of Construction industry professionals and companies alike. To create maximum awareness of Construction Safety and to transform and inculcate it in organization’s culture, PCERF has been organsing `Construction Safety’ Awards, known as `PCERF – Kumar Beharay Construction Safety Awards’. The overall approach and methodology of awards focuses on the education and improvements in the knowledge level of participants and the audit system about construction safety at site. This year, total 31 companies participated and the screening process to select award winners has been completed recently. The winners will be awarded the ‘Golden Helmet’ and the runner ups will be awarded the ‘Silver Helmet’; along with a Certificate.


  • 10th May 2019
    Lunch 1st Circular
  • 3rd June 2019
    Second Circular
  • 15th July 2019
    Third Circular
  • 31st Augest 2019
    Last Circular
  • 17th Sept 2019
    Identifying/ Finalizing Jury Members
  • 18th Sept 2019
    Last Date of Entry
  • 18th Oct 2019
    Interaction/ Orientation Meeting
  • 5th to 19th Nov 2019
    1st Site Visit by Jury
  • 20th Nov 2019
    Feedback to Participants
  • 25th to 30th Nov 2019
    2nd Site Visit by Jury
Time Activity Person
2.30 pm - 2.32 pm Initiation by Moc 2 Sh. Satish Nair MoC
2.32 pm - 2.35 pm Introduction of PCERF, Felecitation of Guests Sh. Vishwas Lokare President, PCERF
2.35 pm - 2.38 pm About PCERF Safety Awards Sh. Ramnath Bhat Convener, Safety Awards 2020
2.38 pm - 2.43 pm Felecitation of Jury Members Sh. Vishwas Lokare (4) & Chief Guest (4)
2.43 pm - 2.46 pm Representative Views from Jury Panel Mr. Ramnath Bhat Convener, Safety Awards 2020
2.46 pm 2.53 pm Felecitation of Award Winners Residential Category - CG Industrial Category- GoH
2.53 pm - 2.56 pm Introduction of GoH Sh. Satish Nair MoC
2.56 pm -3.06 pm Address of the GoH
3.06 pm -3.08 pm Introduction of CG Sh. Satish Nair MoC
3.08 pm -3.23 pm Address of the CG Sh. Suhas Merchant President, CREDAI PMR
3.23 pm - 3.25 pm Vote of Thanks Sh. Neelkanth Joshi Hon Secretary, PCERF


    The idea of the Construction Safety Awards is not just to award a good site, but to overall improve the quality and standards of working within the sector by giving relevant feedback and suggestions. Another with an aim of spreading awareness among the construction sector about safety measures, PCERF (Pune Construction Engineering Research Foundation) has invited entries for ‘PCERF-Kumar Beharay Construction Safety Award- 2020’. This is the 7th year of this distinguished award for which the developers, contractors, owners or companies can apply till August 10th, 2019. The entries for this award will be accepted in 7 different categories of construction projects including Residential, Industrial, Infrastructure, Commercial/Semi-Commercial, Debut Company sites, Innovation in Construction Safety and Small Projects (with project cost up to Rs. 50 lac).

    The Construction Safety awards organised by PCERF is one of the most effective methods of creating awareness and raising the standard on construction sites with regards to safety measures. It also helps boost a healthy professional competition among within the construction organisations. The plus point of the awards is, that it is being organised and executed in terms of assessment by professionals from the Industry - Safety Officers, Engineers and Architects, who give in their time voluntarily for the betterment of the profession. The process is completely transparent, non-biased and with a great emphasis on a quality audit. Important aspect of the awards is that, any participant can share their experience with respect to best engineering practice to the outer world. PCERF from the organisers point of view ensure that the same is spread to construction field.


First will be a pre-visit meeting with all Stakeholders / Participants, jury members and organising committee; wherein the guidelines and general procedure will be shared and discussed in detail.Following this will be two site visits by the jury teams. Before the actual visits, the concerned site engineers and execution team will be given guidelines of the awards and general procedure to be followed.

The first being an intensive and extensive one that will look at all site working and habitable conditions and documentation procedures. The first site visit review report will be sent to the individual sites with suggestion or points wherein improvement is possible. This will enable the sites to be better prepared for the second visit, and for their own betterment.

The second site visit - a surprise one - will be done few weeks after the first visit. During this period between the first and second visit, the site will try to make improvements and changes as suggested by the jury team. In this period there shall be technical interaction between the organising experts and site officials for exchange of ideas and procedures concerned to best practical ways. During this visit there will be a quick review of follow up of suggestions and improvements done after the first site visit.