Pune, Fueling India’s Growth

Education | Construction | IT | Automobile

In the past two & half decades the construction industry in Pune has under gone a Sea–change. This has been the result of the metamorphosis of the city. While keeping alive its century's old tradition of culture and education, Pune is on the path of technological enterprise. It is on its way to becoming industrial metropolises with the blossoming international ramifications.

Pune is emerging as a sophisticated cosmopolitan city. The tremendous influx of people from all over the country the construction industry is witnessing a multifold growth.

Pune has the sixth largest metropolitan economy. The express highway providing fast connectivity between Pune and Mumbai, the importance of Pune has grown by leaps and bounds.

The automotive sector has been prominent in Pune. It is a home to the Automotive Research Association of India, which is responsible for the homologation of all vehicles available in India. The city is proud to have automotive giants like Mercedes Benz India, Bajaj Auto, Tata Motors, Mahindra Two-Wheelers (Formerly Kinectic Motors), General Motors, Volkswagen, Mahindra & Mahindra, Fiat, Premier Motors, Hyundai, SANY etc. covering all the sectors, from two-wheelers and auto rickshaws to cars, tractors, tempos, excavators and trucks. Pune represents a fusion of the old and the new, traditional and the modern, of quaint old wadas and glitzy malls. One of the largest cities in India, with presence of numerous colleges and universities of various faculties, Pune is producing the finest professionals in every industry.

Pune is a prominent location for IT and manufacturing companies to expand. Pune is also a home of popular Indian software industry like Wipro, Infosys, Satyam, Tata Technologies, TCS, Kanbay, Veritas, Cognizant, PCS and Mahindra British Telecom. Some of the major IT parks in the city are the Hinjewadi IT Park, Magarpatta Cyber-city etc.

All growing industries invite work force from outside Pune too, there by leading to an increasing demand in the Real Estate Sector. Pune city is developing rapidly. The multiple-pocket development is giving the city an edge over any other tier-II cities in the country.